Amaru Bolivia

We thrive to help travelers to experience Bolivia. As the heart of South America, Bolivian landscapes, cultures and climates are as varied as stunning.

We offer off the beaten track tours to meet rich and alive cultures, in regions not always famous but definitely worth it!
Our specialty: travels to meet indigenous and rural communities, cultural tours focused on people, travel through time and cultures.
We are a team of European and Bolivian who work in the alternative travel industry for years. We launched the Amaru Bolivia initiative to work closely to our clients and the populations: a more direct approach, more responsible, with clear goals.

Our goals: generate economic activity in rural activities while preserving the environment.
What it means:

  • We work with small groups.
  • We create meaningful and sincere contacts with remote populations locals and tourist get to know each other.

Amaru Bolivia is not about a 2-hour visit to buy a scarf. But spend the night with a family and share.

We work hand in hand with communities as partners (10 years for some of them), building long term relationship and trust.
Benefits for the communities: we pay them a fair price while building economic activities that suit their needs without spoiling the sites.
Working with “campo” people is sometimes difficult, and can mean uneasy access and sporadic communications. Logistics can be tricky in Bolivia. As we share the same objectives with the populations, better living conditions and giving value to indigenous cultures thanks to tourism, we built sustainable and reliable tours.

Bolivia is not an “easy” destination, such as Peru or Argentina. But this is why you chose to come here! Amaru Bolivia is here to facilitate access to cultures that are still alive. Museums are a good start: with us you can experience.
Mass tourism is a reality in some small parts of Bolivia. Thinking about Uyuni Salar, we offer you the opportunity not only to take the perfect shot of the Salar, but to spend for instance four days in local communities to get to the heart of rural Bolivia. This is our “raison d’être”: help you do something different, responsible, through breathtaking landscapes.
Our travel agency is small, and we do not advertise. Our clients find us through word of mouth. Ask them! They are often enthusiastic and like to share their experiences.

Travelers testimonies

They traveled with us and they share their experience

“La connaissance que Clément a des meilleurs sites et les réseaux d’amitiés qu’il y a créé ouvrent des portes qui restent fermées à la plupart des touristes.”

Elisabeth & Gilles – Boulogne, France

“The valley outside Cochabamba is gorgeous! Amaru Bolivia has great guides with so many local contacts in the most interesting places of Bolivia.”

Susan & Simon – Los Angeles, California

“Magnifique découverte de la jungle bolivienne via le camp de base communautaire de la Chonta dans le parc Aramboro.”

Lola & Loulou – Paris, France

“Une épopée incroyable sur l’Altiplano. Un séjour unique, rendu exceptionnel grâce à la disponibilité et l’expertise de l’équipe. Merci.”

Johanna & Julien – Nice, France

“Fue una experiencia muy linda, instructiva e interesante!
Muy recomendable!!

Liszeth – La Paz, Bolivia

“Nos gusto mucho el tour, sobre todo porque el guía nos dio
tanta independencia y era tan flexible. Gracias!”

Nathalie, Clara, Anna – Cambridge, UK

in Bolivië.”

Ivo, Maria, Hilde, Jan – Antwerpen, België

  • Elisabeth & Gilles – Boulogne, France
  • Susan & Simon – Los Angeles, California
  • Lola & Loulou – Paris, France
  • Johanna & Julien – Nice, France
  • Liszeth – La Paz, Bolivia
  • Nathalie, Clara, Anna – Cambridge, UK
  • Ivo, Maria, Hilde, Jan – Antwerpen, België