Community-based tourism

Travelling in rural communities does not mean sleeping on the floor with lamas. Our aim is also to change these perceptions, and you will experience accommodations that sometimes is better than traditional hotels.

Our offer is not extensive because we carefully selected the stops, and constantly review options to offer you the best. Year after year we have opened new routes, and built truly enriching relationships and partnerships with the communities.

Some of the communities you will visit are to be found in no other tour. Some of the guides we have personally trained to build professional tours. Our strength is to work with local partners, small agencies, and in some cases community-based travel organizations which have solid experience and can operate their own tours.

Distances in Bolivia are huge and the contrasts are violent. We make an effort to spare you the weariness of transport, by limiting transport times, using comfortable and secure vehicles. It takes time to get into a radically different culture, to adapt to a new climate, to encounter people. We design our tours so that you can enjoy every bit of it and live a real experience.

Expérience et Sélection

Most communities we work with offer quality infrastructure and your hosts have been trained to receive visitors. They sometimes may offset the lack of resources with heartwarming attentions! In cases the conditions are rustic you are clearly informed before travelling. Some tours will get you to more classic touristic sites, like the cities of Bolivia and their essential sites. We work with carefully chosen partners everywhere, whether specialized guides for certain sites, restaurants, or charming accommodations.