Travelling with us

Take the time to explore the website, to think about your trip. Tell us what you like, describe us the style and rhythm of the tour you would like, talk about your doubts and your expectations. We will take the time to organize together the tour that fits you so that your travel is a unique experience that really correspond to your expectations.

If you wish to travel to a place we are not used to go, just tell us and we will see the possibilities. We are always happy to develop new routes with our travelers. We have collaborators in Chile and in Peru for example, and we can organize international connections whatsoever.
Make the first step: write to us! If you prefer we can also talk with the phone or through skype.

Once we have defined the tour of your dreams, we will send you a detailed summary with our services and the prices. You don’t like bad surprises? Neither do we ! We include all possible costs in our tours, no hidden costs, and everything is detailed in the summary.

Then, once you are decided, we offer you different ways of payment, in Bolivia or in Europe, and you can even pay online.

Then we just have to set up our meeting and on our way! From the Quechua or Aymara communities of the Altiplano down to the Moseten people of the Amazonian and the sweet valleys of Cochabamba and Sucre, all our roads are opened to you!